About me


“Coming up with ideas is easy;

turning them into a physical reality

is another thing entirely.”

Hey there! I’m Michiel Geluk, a passionate creator who thrives on turning ideas into tangible masterpieces. Whether it’s building with my own hands or orchestrating a team of skilled professionals, I revel in the challenge of bringing concepts to life and unleashing them into the market.

Driven by results and armed with a hands-on mentality, I believe in achieving positive outcomes swiftly. As a perfectionist with a keen eye for details, I navigate projects from inception to success while keeping a tight grip on budgets and costs.

My journey began in Industrial Design at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology. Here, I honed my skills in solving complex technical challenges without compromising on aesthetics.

With a rich background in the healthcare and high-tech industries, I transitioned seamlessly into the world of design furniture and lighting. At Moooi, a prestigious high-end brand, I spearheaded major projects like the Perch Lighting Family, SLT sofa, and Meshmatics Chandelier.

From 2019 to end 2021, I proudly served as the Head of Product Development at Fest Amsterdam, where I not only established the product development department but also doubled the collection in just two years. I introduced over 20 pieces of furniture and 100+ home decor items, expanding the supplier portfolio threefold.

Driven by a thirst for diversity, I took the plunge in 2019, breaking free to forge my own path. Now, as an independent force, I’m ready to collaborate, innovate, and build the extraordinary. Let’s turn your visions into reality – together!