Art Direction

Elevate your brand through a meticulous analysis of your brand identity, history, and product portfolio. By delving deep into these aspects, new insights will emerge, perfectly aligning with your brand’s objectives. Let me guide you towards a visual and conceptual direction that not only captures your essence but propels your brand to new heights.

Product Design Support

If you’re seeking an additional perspective on your product idea, I can provide a critical assessment to evaluate its technical feasibility and explore its commercial potential.

3D Modelling & Technical drawings

To get your product manufactured, it is vital to have perfectly working CAD files and technical drawings of the product.


Before investing in expensive tooling and starting production, it is extremely important to make sure the product is technical feasible, but also very functional and ergonomical. By making prototypes lots of issues can brought to the surface beforehand.


In the global marketplace, finding the right manufacturers and sub-suppliers is crucial for the success of your company and products. I specialize in identifying and partnering with the best-fit manufacturers worldwide to ensure the quality, efficiency, and success of your projects. Let me navigate the complexities of sourcing, allowing you to focus on what you do best – bringing your innovative ideas to life.

Cost price estimations

Curious about the expenses involved in bringing your product to life? I provide detailed breakdowns of costs and investments, offering insights into different strategies to optimize pricing. Let’s find the best approach to get your pricing just right!

Production Startup

Armed with the knowledge and information accumulated, it’s time to take the plunge into serious production. Collaborating closely with the manufacturer, I initiate a meticulous production sampling process. This continues until all stakeholders are satisfied with the final product, ready to hit the market.

Market introduction

Collaborating closely with your buying, logistics, and marketing departments, I ensure a seamless market introduction for your products. No deadlines will be missed under my watch! From coordinating logistics to fine-tuning marketing strategies, I am dedicated to making your product launch a resounding success. Let’s navigate the complexities together and introduce your innovation to the market with precision and impact.