Art Direction

I can do an in-depth analysis of your brand, history & product portfolio. By doing this new insights will arise and can be matched with your brand’s objectives.

Product Design Support

If you need an extra set of eyes to look critical at your product idea, I can have a look and see if it is technically feasible and look at commercial potential.

3D Modelling & Technical drawings

To get your product manufactured it is vital to have perfectly working CAD files and technical drawings of the product.


Before investing in expensive tooling and starting production, it is extremely important to make sure the product is technical feasible, but also very functional and ergonomical. By making prototypes lots of issues can brought to the surface.


I can source the best manufacturers & sub-suppliers with the best fit for your company and products all over the world.

Cost price estimations

You want to know what the product costs. I can give you a build-up of the costs and investments. There are always more ways getting the price right!

Sampling process

With all the knowlegde & information we have gained it is time to get real! Together with the manufacturer I will start a production sampling process until all parties are happy with the product and can be put in the market.

Market introduction

Together with you buying/logistics/marketing department I will make sure your market introduction will run smoothly and no deadlines will be missed!